Saturday, June 28, 2014

Strategic Staffing Proposal

One of the issues that comes before the delegates this year is a new staffing proposal that better aligns the staff with the strategic new(ish) structure of the association.  Over the course of many months (eight, if you count from the short list), a group of folks who are part of your association, worked the Executive Committee and Leadership Council to review three possible staffing structures for the NACCC office. After a great deal of discussion and review, the choice was to move forward with recommending a one-executive model.  The strategic staffing team then went to work, crafting what we felt was a workable model.  And then, the beauty of the Congregational Way went to work and through state / regional association visits and conference calls and a number of Town Hall conference calls with Year Round Delegates, we shared our ideas and received amazing feedback and input.  Taking those thoughts back to the work table, we eventually created a proposal to put before the delegates.

You can find the information about our work and the proposal on the NA website at  Please check it out and if you have questions, find one of the Strategic Staffing Team members and ask / discuss.  We'll be glad to answer your questions.  Team members are:  Jim DeLine, John Miller, Art Ritter, Laura Hamby, and Dawn Carlson.

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