Tuesday, July 1, 2014

honoring some of our NACCC leadership

Claudia Kniefel, recipient of Executive Committee honors

Rev. Dr. Neil Hunt, outgoing moderator

Leadership Selfie

NACCC general meeting - Tuesday afternoon

2015 Annual Meeting & Conference Presentation

5 things you need to know about SLC -
1. you can't find a good cup of coffee
   not true: check out Jack Mormon Brewing Co.; Bjorns Brew Gourmet Coffee
2. SLC is all Mormon
   not true: Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, Pagan, Catholic, Baptist, and even some Congregationalists!
3. SLC is a 'dry' town
   not true: there are 118 bars in the city; 12 local breweries
4. SLC is not very diverse
   not true: lots and lots of different ethnic cultures represented; 2013 National League of Cities Diversity Award winner
5. Congregationalism has a brief history in Utah
   not true: FCC is celebrating 150th anniversary; first non-LDS community in Utah (1865)

Plan to extend your trip - there are wonderful opportunities for vacation
 - lots of national parks, stunning beauty

Honor 2014 Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies grads
- alternative to building a brick-and-mortar seminary
- each student attends 3 Congregational classes
- each student completes a rigorous research project
- each student is well-trained, and prepared to minister in NACCC churches
- not just church ministry, CFTS grads are prepared to minister in many ways

Sarah, CFTS grad

Ian, CFTS grad

Sights and Sounds ala Lee

It's no easy thing managing two projectors, two video cameras and a full sound board. Especially not in a space you don't own, relying on equipment you don't own, serving people who like to make changes on the fly. Please take the time to say thanks.