Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Curious Table - a sermon from Rev. Tom Van Tassell


A Curious Table - sermon by Rev. Tom Van Tassell. Audio Here

"the unofficial seating chart - you know who sits where in your local church"

the different people in the family of God come from different places and contexts, but we gather together because we are God's people - it is He who draws us.

What does Communion mean to you?

- a restart, a boost

- a remembrance that we are together

- a reminder of what has been given to me by Jesus

- it makes me feel whole again

- I am a child of Christ, no matter what

Four things that are going on at the Table:

1 - Remembering: we remember the story of Jesus, and give thanks

we can remember that Jesus saw our need to be reminded

God meets us and shapes us in worship

remembering in contrast to dismembering! putting back together

re-membering, re-attaching branch to The Vine; strengthens our relationship

2 - Forgiving; re-strengthening of relationships between church congregations

re-starting: we confess, we repent, we commit, we are straightened

3 - Binding together; Communion reminds us that the Body of Christ extends far beyond the Table around which the local body meets

we are reconciled with one another; we forgive others as Christ forgives us

4 - Looking into the future; Communion is like Thanksgiving at the kids table - when we share in the Lord's Supper, we are brought into the "Big Table" with God

there are times when words are not enough; that's when we engage in ritual

the preacher is more sacramental than he was as a young man, because of

the practice of communion with others, that used various traditions, styles, etc.

God is with us at the Table

This kind of work requires a Meal!




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