Monday, June 30, 2014

NACCC general meeting - mid-morning notes

Executive Committee Report - Becci Dawson Cox
- the EC has been functioning as a Board of Directors
- our votes were unanimous on every decisions (and we're still Congregationalists!)
- we had a number of conference calls, and achieved consensus
- we feel we've been blessed by the Holy Spirit this year
- we worked to intentionally transform into a new Board of Directors (when ratified)
- we recognize that in the new structure, the Board of Directors, the Leadership Council, and the Board of Governors will have different responsibilities (previously all under the old EC structure)
- we are working to make sure that each of these Boards will work together as a team, not as individual structures
- we recommend (in response to a request from NACCC staff) to a one-executive model for the National Association
- the Board of Directors have elected to fill a position for a Director of Development and Communications
- we hired an interim executive secretary (under the old model, 2 years ago)
- a strategic staffing sub-committee came back with the recommendation of a single executive, to be augmented with various support personnel

from Art Ritter - an examination of motion 2013 EC 016, where some working was changed

Ratification of actions
- this is a list of all the combined actions taken by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors (pages 1 & 2 of a given report) - all were adopted

Strategic Staffing subcommittee to present report
- Jim DeLine explained the process whereby the subcommittee reached their decision to recommend a single executive position
- their job was not to just appoint, but to communicate with the body
- they looked for input, and heard from lots of people (which increased their time)
- then they went to work: what's being done? what's best done by which people?
- their recommendation is Congregational, not top-heavy, fiscally responsible
- they will hear responses during a Town Hall meeting later today

Introduction of Resolution(s) by the Executive Committee
- these will be voted on in a later meeting

Motion from the floor, regarding 2013 EC 031, that the Misconduct Handbook be accepted, but returned to the committee for strengthening and to specifically state that misconduct is incompatible with Christian teaching. Motion passed.

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