Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NACCC general meeting - Tuesday morning

Business Session 3

Credentials Report - Dian Cummins
- California has the most delegates
- People's Church has the most representatives

Vote on Resolutions by the Executive Committee - Becci Dawson Cox
* Motion 2014 EC 041 - first resolution is about the Stragegic Staffing plan to move to a one executive model
-amendment to resolution: the NACCC should adopt the single executive model with necessary staff support (change from very specific motion including language about flowcharts, to this more simplified version) - amendment is adopted.
- Discussion on Resolution from the floor:
  - the vision of the NACCC right now is about moving to a one executive model; if it doesn't work, we can always change it later (it's not set in stone for the future) - as we go, God is with us; let's just go foward and see what God will do
  - request that the Executive Committee actively seek input from churches AS the job descriptions, etc, are being developed
  - what will happen to the current staff? New jobs will be created; current staff will not immediately lose their jobs
  - the open search process is curcial for the integrity of the current Dean, who is very competent; preparations for understanding the work of the gathered group are important, and being prepared beforehand is important, as well as dealing with the matters as we have them AT the meeting
  - change is difficult; story of Ruth and Naomi - her decision was made without knowing how it was going to turn out; we need to make the right decision and vote FOR the resolution
  - a proposal to postpone the vote for one year; giving all churches opportuntiy to discuss these changes and give feedback; much discussion from the floor; proposal to postpone is defeated
  - concern that the work of the Center for Congregational Leadership would fade if the Dean became the single executive
  - why would the instructional responsiblities of the Center For Theological Studies separated from the executive position
** after much discussion, the question was called to vote on the first resolution for the Stragegic Staffing plan to move to a one executive model, with necessary staff support; motion is adopted.

* Motion 2013 EC 042 - The EC / BoD should appoint a search committee to fill the position of an Executive Director (plus additional language about how the committee will be staffed, what they'll do, etc.); motion is adopted

Financial Report

Introduction of the 2014-2015 Budget

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