Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NACCC general meeting - Tuesday afternoon

2015 Annual Meeting & Conference Presentation

5 things you need to know about SLC -
1. you can't find a good cup of coffee
   not true: check out Jack Mormon Brewing Co.; Bjorns Brew Gourmet Coffee
2. SLC is all Mormon
   not true: Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, Pagan, Catholic, Baptist, and even some Congregationalists!
3. SLC is a 'dry' town
   not true: there are 118 bars in the city; 12 local breweries
4. SLC is not very diverse
   not true: lots and lots of different ethnic cultures represented; 2013 National League of Cities Diversity Award winner
5. Congregationalism has a brief history in Utah
   not true: FCC is celebrating 150th anniversary; first non-LDS community in Utah (1865)

Plan to extend your trip - there are wonderful opportunities for vacation
 - lots of national parks, stunning beauty

Honor 2014 Congregational Foundation for Theological Studies grads
- alternative to building a brick-and-mortar seminary
- each student attends 3 Congregational classes
- each student completes a rigorous research project
- each student is well-trained, and prepared to minister in NACCC churches
- not just church ministry, CFTS grads are prepared to minister in many ways

Sarah, CFTS grad

Ian, CFTS grad

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