Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Repost from A Transformed Life - NACCC thoughts

I was going to repost the entirety of a blog entry from my blog, A Transformed Life, which is a response to a church asking for information about the NACCC.

I then discovered that if I post the exact same material on more than one blog, both blogs are penalized in search results. Apparently, that's a no-no. The "accepted" way to do this is to post a link to the other blog.

Doesn't make much sense to me, but I certainly wouldn't want to hurt this blog in its fledgling stages... so, with that in mind, here's the link to my post about the NACCC at A Transformed Life.


KFJ - Ed Backell
Warden, WA

UPDATE - as per Chris M.'s suggestion, here are a few tidbits from the original post on Wordpress:

"The NACCC is an association of fellowship, not an organization of control. We have churches in our national fellowship who are far more theologically liberal than we are… and we have churches that are much more conservative. Where we stand on various issues is *not* the determining factor of our organization. We come together to fellowship with one another as we each follow Christ as the Head of the church. There is no denominational control, no edicts from on high, no memos from the Central Office that tell us what we must do, or how we must do it."

"I’m a BIG fan of the NACCC. It’s not restrictive on in matters of theology (we don’t make our ministers sign theological creeds like the CCCC), and it’s not dictative on matters of social conscience (like the “still speaking” campaign of the UCC). At the risk of sounding like a fairy tale, it’s 'just right'."

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  1. Ed - a single or occasional instance won't damage our Google page score, so if you want to post the whole thing go for it. Or at the very least some choice tidbits as teasers to get people to move over to your blog.