Monday, December 10, 2012

12 aspects of Congregational Life and Ministry from a Congregational perspective

This blog is in reference to an idea that was posted on the NACCC Clergy group on Facebook:

"You know what would be cool? A blog dedicated to Congregationalism, where various Congregationalists from different churches/traditions/countries were invited to submit blog entries. If a whole bunch of us all chipped in the occasional article, we'd develop a body of material in a fairly short order."

There was quite a response to that concept, and a number of ideas were brought up in the initial conversation. Here they are:

1. How do other Congregationalists deal with liturgy - who leads and how?
2. Leadership in general: deacons, elders, committees, and the coffee hour host- who's doing what?
3. Seasonal "stuff"... thoughts / ideas on Advent and Lent
4. Procedures for dealing with situations (Congregationalist analog of Presbyterian "Book of Order")
5. How do Congregationalists integrate worship AND technology?
6. Do many Congregational churches use the Lectionary? If so, how? If not, then how are topics selected for worship/preaching/teaching?
7. What are resources that other Congregationalists use that they find helpful? Resources for mundane things like church supplies, and for theological things like books or journals?
8. Communication issues - how do we get and keep people informed in the congregation?

If you look carefully, you'll notice that the last four entries are blank... apparently, there's still room in this conversation for others to jump in.

What are some topics about Congregationalism that are of interest to you, that are not yet mentioned here?

KFJ - Ed Backell, Warden, WA

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